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Tree Removal
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Cabling and Bracing
Trees are living organisms with a natural life span and should be safely removed before becoming a hazard. In some instances, a healthy tree needs to go too. This is especially true in the situations where the tree is a hazard to people, property and the health of other trees.  

Common reasons to remove trees include:
• Dead, declining or dying
• Diseased or infested
• Structural defects that can not be corrected by pruning or cabling
• Causing or potentially causing structural damage
• Damage due to weather, disease, construction or impact
• Weak limb structure or root development
• Removal for construction

At Above The Ground Tree Care, we take care to provide our customers with high quality services personalized for their unique needs.

We provide a variety of services including:
The most common tree maintenance is pruning. It is a cost effective method for long term tree care and maintenance. When done properly, pruning is beneficial to the tree and will achieve landscape and tree care goals.​

Some benefits of pruning are:
• Maintaining and improving the health of the tree and surrounding landscape
• Increase/correct structure and strength of the tree
• Control disease potential
• Increase light to landscape and trees
• Prolong the life of the tree
• Reduce tree hazard
• Reduce tree height
Tree cabling and bracing are services performed to protect valuable trees. By installing cables, bolts, and/or braces, a tree can be better protected from high winds or ice storms. Trees with multiple stems, splits, weak limbs, or weak points in the wood may make cabling a necessity in order to protect them. 
If you have any questions concerning our services or an emergency, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Additional Services
• Storm Emergencies
• Stump Grinding
• Lightning Protection
• Tree Evaluation Throughout Poperty